Vaal Triangle Apartheid Violence

The pictures in this Album relate to the violence and events that took place in the Vaal Triangle townships in the 1970's and '80's, as related in the book.
Page and Chapter numbers refer to the latest, expanded edition of the book

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  • Image00001A churches task group including the author visit a massacre site in the eighties
  • Image00002A mass funeral of police victims in Evaton
  • Image00003Activists meet Fr Hans Kung with author on left - in 1985 Chapters 9 - 21
  • Image00004Activists meet German funders
  • Image00005Altar servers and activists at Boipatong 1992, Chapter 37
  • Image00007Clergy and mourners at mass funeral in Sharpeville and Evaton (Chapters 15-17)
  • Image00008Clergy including the author remonstrate with police intimidating mourners at mass funerals in Sharpeville and Evaton Chapter 15 - 17 -1
  • Image00009Coded note sent in middle 80's to author by religious leader advising more caution in the wake of threatening rumours
  • Image00010Franciscans conducting Mass funeral at Evaton Chapter 15 - 17
  • Image00011Irish bishop Casey and Trocaire director speak with 1960 Sharpeville massacre survivor, Michael Zondo
  • Image00012No Apartheid War - Anti-Aparthed Poster from 1970s
  • Image00012aThe Kairos Document
  • Image00012bReport on Police Actions - 1984
  • Image00013Police attack protestors in the streets
  • Image00014Police monitor a protest march which includes members of the clergy
  • Image00015Protestors during a violent protest
  • Image00016Protestors rest during episode of street violence
  • Image00017SADF soldier in Sebokeng
  • Image00018Sharpeville
  • Image00019South African Apartheid violence - 1970
  • Image00020Clergy make court appearance after arrest by the riot squad for an illegal sit in at Sebokeng Administration buildings.
  • Image00022The SADF invades Sebokeng
  • Image00024Clergy organise Sharpeville mass funeral Sept 1984 at Methodist Church Pp 85-98-2
  • Image00025Bophelong victim of police shooting is buried at Sharpeville mass funeral Sept 1984 - Methodist Church Pp 85-98
  • Image00026Crowds attend the Sharpeville funerals of 9 victims of police action - Methodist Church, Sept 1984

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What They Said


This is an important book, one that has great relevance for the future of our country at a time when moral leadership is so sorely needed.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu


An eloquent and precise narrative of what happend in the townships of the Vaal triangle in the 1980's.

(The late) Professor Colin Gardner

Click Here for Professor Gardner's full review

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