Bishops Visit Vaal Triangle 

The pictures in this Album relate to the historic (and at the time, illegal) visit of the Southern African Bishops to Sebokeng in 1987, as related in Chapter 27 of the book.
Page and Chapter numbers refer to the latest, expanded edition of the book

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  • Image00001A Press Cutting of the Bishops' Visit to Sebokeng in 1987. Chapter 27
  • Image00002Altar servers from the various parishes participate in the illegal entry procession for the Bishops' Mass. Chapter 27
  • Image00003Archbishop Hurley holds a list of detainees presented at the offertory. Chapter 27
  • Image00004Catholic Bishops and Sebokeng parishioners defy emergency ban on outdoor gatherings in the 80's. Archbishop Hurley & Cardinal McCann at the rear, Ch 27
  • Image00005Emmanuel Catholic Church Sebokeng January 27 1985
  • Image00006Next day the press called it the Mass of the Rubber Bullet here held aloft by Cardinal McCann at the offertory procession. Jan 27, 1985
  • Image00007Offertory procession carrying objects of oppression to the waiting bishops
  • Image00008The international press captures the moment at Emmanuel Catholic Church during the visit of the Bishops to Sebokeng
  • Image00009Vaal Triangle lay ministers lead the Bishops to the church for Mass

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What They Said


This is an important book, one that has great relevance for the future of our country at a time when moral leadership is so sorely needed.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu


An eloquent and precise narrative of what happend in the townships of the Vaal triangle in the 1980's.

(The late) Professor Colin Gardner

Click Here for Professor Gardner's full review

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