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What really happened in the 1980’s to draw world attention to the Vaal Triangle in South Africa?

Patrick Noonan's book tells the truth about the insurrection that changed the face of South Africa…


… and about the violence, torture, assassinations, intrigue, passion and betrayal that has never before been told outside the Black townships of South Africa.



From the Foreword

By George Bizos, legal advisor to Nelson Mandela

BizosThey're Burning the Churches is a book that should be read by those who claim that apartheid was not so bad; that we should forget the past and look into the future so that we may become reconciled. Father Patrick's book is a first-hand account of what happened in the black townships of the Vaal Triangle during the turbulent decade from the mid-eighties to the birth of democracy.


Interview with Patrick Noonan

The Author talks about "They're Burning the Churches"


Letter to the People of the Vaal Triangle...

Calling all principals and school teachers, historians and politicians, born free youth and learners, fathers and mothers who lost loved ones, department heads in the educational sector, municipal representatives of the citizens, former MK and street activists, brave trade unionists who negotiated freedom in the eighties, former detainees and members to the SAPS, former Vaal Triangle administrators, people of the professions, the Vaal Ministers Solidarity Group...

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What They Said


This is an important book, one that has great relevance for the future of our country at a time when moral leadership is so sorely needed.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu


An eloquent and precise narrative of what happend in the townships of the Vaal triangle in the 1980's.

(The late) Professor Colin Gardner

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